Epilogue – Iceland / Finland Summer 2012

12 Jul

Here are the numbers for this trip. Enjoy!

Reading to her was the only way I could get her to fall asleep.

Time Travel: About eighteen hours door-to-door on the way over and seventeen hours on the way back. Total time in-country was exactly eleven days (Finland) and sixty-five minutes (Iceland).

Airport food – return trip $15.00
Porvoon Mikrokulma Porvoo $7.86
Alko Porvoo Nasi Porvoo $42.25
K rauta Ruoholahti Helsinki $67.29
Memphis Coffee House – America Town Helsinki $15.60
Asim & Lemy Group Oy / Na 00100 Helsinki $32.36
Stockmann Helsinki $24.72
Asian Finnish Express Helsinki $36.74
Opa Muurikka Oy Mikkeli $17.84
Rosso Ympratalo Helsinki $36.98
Icelandair – On Board Food $11.26
Iceland food and postcards $9.89
Hotel for two nights $208.00
Service Charge for taking out money – boo! $5.00
ABM Withdrawal – spending money $77.86
Service Charge – for taking out money $5.00
ABM Withdrawal – spending money $319.06
Flight Ottawa to Helsinki vis Iceland $1,391.80
Bus tickets to get to and from Ottawa airport $5.20

Total $2,329.71

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