Day 3 of ? – Part Drei: Escape from New York?

28 Oct

We managed to make it out of the cafetorium with our bellies full and our wallets empty. $35 for a salad? That’s too much! The spider exhibit was too expensive so we went to the Hall of African Mammals. We still have not rebooked our tickets. We tried to get on a flight leaving NYC today but all the planes have been diverted to their alternate airports.

Time is running short. The storm is approaching, the subway and all public transportation is shutting down at 19:00 (in three hours) and there are two items left on our itinerary for this trip. Help us figure out what to do

a) visit with the GF’s friend Katrina and finish the box of wine she started last night

b) go see that new Ben Affleck movie Argos (I think it’s about the founding of the Canadian Football League)

or do we go to the circus?


One Response to “Day 3 of ? – Part Drei: Escape from New York?”

  1. bhaggart October 28, 2012 at 15:56 #

    Wine, duh.

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