Diagonal Falls?

18 Mar

I was on the tube earlier today and this dude sat down next to me and started up a conversation. Someone had just told him that he looks like Malcolm X and he had no clue who Malcolm X was. I was not about to comment on whom he does or does not look like (I’m not qualified to make such a distinction) but I was able to tell him who Malcolm X was.

Malcolm X was an African-American civil rights activist who was played by Denzel Washington in the movie. I think he was assassinated but I am not sure (I didn’t have my Google at the ready). There are similarities between him and Martin Luther King Jr. but they are most definitely two different people.

So dude asks where I’m from and when I say Canada he immediately responded “Ottawa”. I was very impressed (he has relatives there). Most foreigners have never even heard of Canada’s capital (I mean they know we have a capital city – duh, all countries do – it’s just they don’t know what our’s called). It was kind of refreshing to have someone finally get it right after so many Torontos, Vancouvers, Calgaries, Montreals, and Winnipegs(?).

As we arrived at his station, he told me he’d always wanted to see Diagonal Falls. The doors opened and then just like that, he was gone. Never to be seen again. By me. I’m sure lots of other people are looking at him right now. Anyway, here’s a photo of Malcolm X?



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