Coffee Number Five

22 May

I promised you guys I would blog with each of my coffees so here you go. I’m at the Plant Coffee and I just ordered my fifth coffee ever. This time I decide to go with a plain old regular one. The server gives it to me and I instantly realize that I have no idea what to do next as all my previous coffees had been pre-prepared by the barista lady.

So I pick up what looks like a mug full of poison (previous coffees resembled milkshakes) and venture into the store to try and figure out what to do next. After a quick visual scan I locate the “coffee enhancement station” (I’m not sure what the industry term is). I’m bewildered by the array of choices and elect to add cream and honey. I don’t think it worked because it still tastes terrible.

The place is quite busy but in one section there are two large tables with customers occupying the ends. I grab a spot at one and sit myself down. As I do this, two other customers enter looking for a place to sit. One of them is carrying a hand-held baby carrier containing an eleven-week-old infant. I make a motion that the table next to me is available (even though there are people at it).

They set up camp and the mother of the child promotes me from friendly stranger to babysitter while she and her friend go get their coffee.

$9 for the first hour, $5 for every subsequent hour.

$9 for the first hour, $5 for every subsequent hour.

Most times babysitting is a lot of work but this time it’s pretty easy. At this stage of the child’s cognitive development he has only the rudimentary ability to recognize faces. I put this knowledge to use and simply make sure that my face is in clear view at all times. My system works flawlessly and he remains well behaved and empty-diapered the entire time. His caregivers return after a couple of minutes and I relinquish my responsibilities to his legally appointed guardian.

At least I think he remained empty diapered.

At least I think he remained empty diapered.


2 Responses to “Coffee Number Five”

  1. The legal guardian May 22, 2013 at 16:09 #

    You’re a natural babysitter! Niko was quite entertained 🙂 – and this is his first blog appearance! He’s a cool kid already!


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