Day 2 of 3 – The Camping Experience

9 Aug

This past weekend was such a positive experience it has convinced me that everyone should go camping. But not at the same time of course because that would be ridiculous. With people away from their homes our cities would be completely empty and a master criminal would be free to execute the prefect diamond heist or prison break because there would be no one there to sound the alarm. And even if the alarm did get sounded, the call would go unanswered until Tuesday morning when the security guard got back to work.


But by then it’s too late: the goods are on a ship to South America to pay off some old gambling debts owed to Baron Von Loma.

But enough about the reasons to not go camping, in today’s post I am going to list for you a bunch of reasons why you should go. And one why you might not want to.

Reason the first: the morning view. You may not realize it but waking up and looking in a mirror first thing every morning is destroying your soul. It is for me anyway. And if you can’t look in a mirror (because there are none in Algonquin Park), then you get to look at this:

It's like drinking your morning Red Bull but without the heart palpitations.

It’s like drinking your morning Red Bull but without the heart palpitations.

Reason the second: in the non-camping world people spend way too much money on food. When you’re going on a trip that has actual packing constraints (like weight and size) you are forced to purchase only what you need. The food budget for the six members of Team Normal was just under $200.00 – that’s $4.76 per person per meal. And we ate like kings. You saw those sausages from yesterday’s post? Here’s another pic in case you missed it.


From this photo it appears that my sausage almost came into contact with the sausage of one of the other campers. BTW, this is one is the aforementioned “camping cons”.

Reason the third: humans waste way too much food unnecessarily. You know how when you’re at home and a piece of bread falls on the ground and you have no choice but to throw it away or give it to your older brother for his sandwich? Well when you’re camping and something gets dirty, you can’t just walk over to Ayoub’s to buy a replacement because Ayoub’s is 240 km away. So what ends up happening is that your food-cleanliness tolerance drops considerably. Want proof? Check out our margarine. It was like this before we even set out in the canoes on the first day. No one cared or got sick.

They just wanted their sweet, sweet margarine.

They just wanted their sweet, sweet margarine.

And finally, reason the fourth: camping is good for your physical well being. Until this past weekend I hadn’t gotten any exercise since high school. And now look at me after just a single day of canoeing. The old me only had the strength to lift fork-sized portions of food. Now I’m strong enough to carry an entire meal.

The old me was only strong enough to lift individual mouthfuls of food, never a full serving.

And if we’d stayed out there a few days longer I wouldn’t need to have my groceries delivered anymore.


One Response to “Day 2 of 3 – The Camping Experience”

  1. Jason Chapman (@jasonAchapman) August 9, 2013 at 11:10 #

    Haha. Oh man. A huge vat of margarine on a portaging trip. Gross!
    I prefer to find my own wild cows and churn my own butter in the forest.

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