Hello everyone. This might be my last post.

26 Aug

I’ve been receiving an unusual amount of negative feedback from a recent series of blog posts revolving around my participation in a “dangerous” hike to one of the chalets in the Gatineau Park. Adding fuel to that fire, it was claimed that I amplified the situation by opening the kick-off article in a rather “dramatic” way.

Hello everyone. This might be my last post.

On top of that, instead of dousing them flames, the title of the article apparently fanned them.

Training Day for September Death Hike

So, in the interests of clarity and goodwill I’d like to take this opportunity to set a few things straight.

1. I was simply stating the obvious when I wrote that “this might be my last post”. As with every article I write on this blog (or any activity that anyone anywhere has ever done or will ever do) there is a non-zero chance it could be their final one. The future is unpredictable – for example I could have decided mid-hike to quit writing.

Or I could start up an even better blog: DieHardFive.wordpress.com!

Or I could have started up an even better blog: DieHardFive.wordpress.com!

2. The title of the aforementioned post contained several punctuation errors. It should have read:

Training Day for September. Death? Hike!

3. But based on your reactions, most disturbing thing from that series of hiking posts was the inference that we would be visiting the “terrifying” Cabin in the Woods. Many people sent several messages begging me to get us the hell out of there. Some of the highlights: “Turn around!”, “What are you thinking?”, and “It’s a trap!”

Relax everyone. That was a name I just made up spur-of-the-moment. We were going to a cabin, it was in the woods. It made sense at the time. There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Black Lodge2

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