Day 0 of 3 – The Big Hike

19 Sep

So as regular readers of this blog are undoubtedly aware, this weekend is the big hike. EC and I are driving now to Toronto collect JC and we are going to be driving tomorrow morning (Friday) to Killarney Ontario.

Right now we are listening to SAT Rdhouse PRESET Country. I normally don’t listen to country music on the radio but this weekend is Farm Aid and we are going to stand in solidarity with our brothers who grow our potatoes, sorghum, and rice. The plan is to listen to this station for all the driving (that’s 4 hours to Toronto 5 hours to Killarney, and then the same on the way back).

A few minutes ago we passed Camper Kong (an important landmark for any road trip to Toronto via the 416). Soon we will be in Toronto: Land of the Lost.

photo (48)

Camper Kong


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