Day 2 of 3 – Camping Day 2 of Camping

22 Sep

As anticipated, this morning I woke up earlier than my co-hikers. When we went canoe camping in August both nights I was up by 05:00 – two hours before any of the other campers. What I did not expect this time was how much earlier – it’s currently 03:45 in the morning as I type this sentence.

The forecast for our first day (yesterday) included a thunderstorm with a 100% chance of showers in the evening. It didn’t start to rain until we had reached our campsite and set up the tent. It seems the anti-rain dance I performed before we left Toronto worked perfectly (rain before tent setup = bad, rain after = good). All of this was despite the objections of my two travel mates. They berated me for “wasting time” with my “silly superstition” for the whole five-hour car ride even though I told them several times the Rain God would be displeased with them for doing so.

I guess they showed me.

I guess they showed me.

It rained for most of the evening so we just stayed in the tent until bedtime. Just three guys enjoying some quality time crammed into a shelter that is so small one cannot even stand up in it.

Right now it’s overcast but hiding behind the clouds is a near-full moon. It’s surprisingly bright and warm. I have not put on my sweater yet – I left it in the tent but it’s getting a bit chilly. I think I’ll put some socks on. I wish I could take a picture of the view – it’s pretty spectacular – but it’s too dark and my camera / phone is lost somewhere in the tent with the two sleeping guys. This is actually causing me a considerable amount of discomfort. I’m afraid one of them will crush it accidentally. I love that phone.

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