Day 2 of 3 – What are you thinking about?

22 Sep

The high-powered business world of the future is so busy these days that people have no opportunities to just think about things. Conversely, one of the best parts of hiking is that you have lots of time to think.

One of the reasons I’ve taken such a shine to hiking is that I’m a thinker. People are always asking me, “What are you thinking about?” and to be honest, I’m getting pretty tired of this question. I’ve been consistent on this one issue since the early nineties and it bugs me that people insist on re-asking a question I’ve already answered on several different occasions in several different forums.

So in the interests of efficiency (yours and mine) I’m going to answer this question one last time.

Ext. Night. Jason is sitting on a chair quietly staring off into the distance, deep in thought.

Enter Friend. Friend approaches Jason.

Friend: Hey Jason. You look great. Have you been working out?

Jason: Oh, hi Mark.

Friend: What were you thinking about just now when I got here?

Jason: The Hunt for Red October.


Jason: The movie, not the book.

So there you have it. If you ever have the urge to find out what’s going on upstairs at Jason’s place you don’t need to ask – it’s The Hunt for Red October.

Mystery solved

Mystery solved

And I’m not making this up. The Hunt for Red October is humankind’s greatest achievement. If you take the time to do the critical analysis (like I have) you will come to the same conclusion. The problem is, you’re too busy and I’ve spent almost two dozen years of self-meditation on this subject. I’ve got a huge head start if you want to challenge my claim (good luck with that by the way).

So, to summarize: Please stop asking. The Hunt for Red October. Always the movie. Sometimes the book. Rarely the video game.

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