Day 0 of 3 – New York City Baby!

30 Nov

Hello everyone I’m back to travel blogging (my favourite kind – and yours I hope). This time it’s a quick sixty-seven hour visit to New York City to catch a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Daily. If you recall last time I went to the show it was all standby but this time we actually have tickets. They have not yet announced the who the guest is and I’ve been anxiously stalking Twitter for the past week looking for some indication of which historian will end up crushing my lifelong dream of seeing a celebrity in person.

So stay tuned for various updates on my adventures. Or not. I don’t really care. Unlike most writers I’m pretty indifferent about the quest for blog hits. The other day I did an experiment to boost my ratings by posting a nudie picture of myself and not one person clicked through. Not even the Google web crawler. Oh well.

photo (62)

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