Day 1 of 3 – The Police

2 Dec

One of the best things about New York City is their police vehicles. In Ottawa we have but a single type – the police cruiser. New York has those too but they also have lots of others. My favourite has to be these parking buggies.


Just look at them. Expensive to use and maintain, totally unnecessary for the job at hand (issuing parking tickets – these cops should be on bicycles) and incredibly dangerous (three-wheeled ATVs have been banned in Canada for over a decade now). Incredible.

And yes, the parking cops should be on bikes. I find it ironic that New York (a city founded by the Dutch) is having a difficult time integrating cycling into their existing infrastructure.

The traffic enforcement cars are black. This is because the drivers are on the lookout for the standard white and blue.


I managed to capture an image of a black SUV-type car with flashing police lights. Not sure what’s going on here.

Maybe the President is in town to see Book of Mormon.

Maybe the President is in town to see Book of Mormon.


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