Day 19 of 20: Ummm… yeah, about that.

3 Mar

So today I was getting ready to go the Globus Baumarkt to purchase half a toilet. And, well, remember two weeks ago when I reported that I had stolen from me all of my facial hair removal devices on the train from Paris to Cologne? And remember when I wrote about the intensive manhunt that the police conducted based on my description of the perpetrators? And did you read yesterday in the news about the dramatic increase in non-violent crime in Cologne over the past 14 days being directly related to law enforcement resources being reallocated to investigate a high-profile train robbery?

Well as I was searching through my backpack for my duct tape and work gloves I discovered my “stolen” accessories bag had been jammed into the bottom of my pack by some hungover birthday reveller.


I was just as shocked as you are. Here I’d gone three weeks without shaving, my friends’ children only getting to know the bearded Jason. What happens when I come back next year and my face is not bearded? These kids will not know who I am. As a professional babysitter I know that it takes a lot of work to build rapprochement with the clients. Now I have to start all over again.

Not looking forward to that.

Not looking forward to that.


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