Celebrating Democracy

12 Jun

For me today has been a day of democracy extremes. First I had lunch in the very seats of power of our top-ten Human Development Index nation at the Parliamentary Restaurant with a sitting Canadian Senator (no, it was not Daniel Alfredsson).

Then I took a constitutionally-protected nap before going to the polling station to decline to vote in the provincial election – really what’s the point – they’re all terrible.

And right now (on the other end of the democratic spectrum) I’m about to become a spectator of an event organized by the most undemocratic organization in modern human history – La Federation International du la Football Association.

And I am celebrating this undemocraticness by sitting alone in a packed bar, waiting for my friends, holding onto a table that seats eight, supporting Croatia (wearing red) while literally every single other person in the bar is scrambling to find a seat and cheering for Brazil.

Let the games begin.

Let the games begin.


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