Spanish Soccer

18 Jun

To my Spanish friends – I know many of you are upset and disappointed with your team’s performance in their first game of this World Cup. But I would like to remind you that in the previous tournament, you guys also lost the opener against Switzerland and then you went on to win the whole thing.

Sometimes it can be better to start slow. France did the same thing in 2006 on their way to a second place finish.

When it comes to soccer I’ve mostly been a supporter of the Germans and the Dutch (and also the US and sometimes England and maybe France – depending on who’s playing) and back in the day, I never, ever imagined finding myself not cheering against the Spanish soccer team.

My main objection to Spanish soccer was that guy Christian Ronaldo. He was always diving and faking injury and I hate that aspect of the game – especially when it’s practiced by its “best” player.

And then one day my position on Spanish soccer began to change. It started when someone informed me that Ronaldo doesn’t play for Spain – he’s Portugese. Also his name is Christiano. And then Spain won the Euro Cup. And then they won the World Cup. Then the Euro Cup again.

This is very impressive. Apparently it’s standard practice to pay off the officiators for one soccer tournament – but three in a row – that’s really difficult. I then did some research and found out that Spain won these tournaments fair and square (by FIFA standards).

I also got to meet some super-cool Spanish people here in Ottawa. I hosted a dinner party for like ten of them. They brought lots of wine, told me my cooking was delicious, and one of them drew for me a really awesome picture of Wolverine.


It is now my prized possession. 

This all got me thinking that the Spanish team is actually pretty cool. And I want to wish them well with their soccer. But right now (at this juncture) Spain has the best chance of defeating Germany – my main team. They eliminated the Germans in two of the three previous tournaments and after the disappointment of 2006 I really want to see the celebration in Berlin – even if I cannot be there in person.

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