Play FIFA World Cup Bingo with me!

26 Jun

For the remainder of the 2014 World Cup I’m going to be playing FIFA Bingo with FIFA’s Code of Conduct. Every time I see one of their “Ten Golden Rules” broken either in an implicit or explicit manner by a player, an officiator, a team, or the FIFA system (a system the authors of the Golden Rules themselves created), I’m going to add the rule (or a just comment for multiple instances related to the same rule) to this blog post.

So let’s get started.

In honour of a system that allows for scenarios where teams are rewarded for not winning (like today’s USA vs. Germany game where a tie advances both teams) I present to you:

Play to Win

Winning is the object of playing any game. Never set out to lose. If you do not play to win, you are cheating your opponents, deceiving those who are watching, and also fooling yourself. Never give up against stronger opponents but never relent against weaker ones. It is an insult to any opponent to play at less than full strength. Play to win, until the final whistle.




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