Lady Vikings

13 Sep

I have this recurring dreammare (they sometimes happen during nap time) where I fall in the water (a swimming pool, a river, a comically oversized bathtub) and all my electronics get damaged beyond repair. It wasn’t always like this.

Before the first iPhone was released all my dreams were about falling or drowning or being naked on the last day of school where I need one course to graduate and I didn’t attend any of the classes and the exam starts in ten minutes. But ever since I started carrying a nine-hundred dollar computer in my pocket my subconscious priorities seem to have shifted somewhat.

And if my current worst fear is going to come true it will most likely happen in the next 25 hours as my phone and I will be surrounded nonstop by water as my uncle and I race to Toronto in his sailboat to try and catch the end of the film festival before it closes. I’ve never been on a boat before so I’m not sure what to expect. If there are any sailors out there amongst my readers, any words of guidance would be very helpful.

First up – the name of our ship. I can’t tell if this is a good sign, or a bad one. Are vikings ladies renowned for their ability to remain upright and afloat?

I know a few but am afraid to ask.

I know a few but am afraid to ask.

My next concern is related to our supplies. If we get stuck on the water for a few days, this is all the sustenance we have with us.

Full disclosure: I’ve already eaten one of the bags of candy (we’re still in port).

Full disclosure: I’ve already eaten one of the bags of candy (we’re still in port).

And finally – the seaworthiness of our vessel. Important parts of our boat are held together by duct tape. Duct tape that was applied by yours truly. The blue tape is for marine applications.

I hope.

I hope.

Stay tuned for updates.

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