1. Not a good start

28 Sep

Things are not starting off well. In addition to signing up for a mobile Internet plan that has so far cost me $400 since I left home nine hours ago, I just realized that I forgot to pack my Japanese sleeping pillow. Ugh. Not a good scene.

Most people would call it quits after a setback like this but not me. You see I’m not afraid of diversity. From trying exotic new foods containing onions to falling asleep without an adequate number of pillows (three), I can power through almost anything.

But I will admit that it is pretty tempting – to cancel everything and stay comfortable, surrounded by the familiar of my homeland. At this exact moment the temptation is doubly strong because technically I still haven’t left Canada. I’m in Toronto waiting for my flight (which leaves tomorrow evening).

I still have a few hours to kill so I thought I would fill the void with some practice words before the real typing begins.

With each post I try to include (for my illiterate readers) at least one photo of my adventures. I don’t have any good photos of Toronto so here’s one I took last week during Killarney Hike 2015.

The original plan was to hike (with Steve) sixty-five kilometres over five days / four nights but bad weather forced us to make a new hike that was thirty-five kilometres and two-days / one night. After about five clicks on day one my left knee started to get sore and after two hours on day two (about twelve kilometres from the car) each step was like being stabbed in the knee with a thousand knives of fire.

So with nine kilometres left I was hobbling along at about half of my normal pace when we encountered a couple of Germans who were doing a day hike. I asked if they had any drugs and they responded in the positive! So these lovely Germans gave me two Ibuprofen 600s which made the pain go away.

Like I needed another reason to love the Germans.

Like I needed another reason to love the Germans.

Thanks guys! You never told us your names but statistically you’re Anna and Julia.

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