2. Oh no! Not a Finland!

30 Sep

Yes a Finland. So I’m back in the north yet again. I think this is the fifth time I’ve been here.

Passing through immigration was interesting. While waiting my turn, I noticed that the agent serving the line next to the one I was in asked to see the return tickets for four non-olde-stock Canadians (an asian couple and two young Arab guys). The officer that served me, well, he just laughed at my jokes and waved me through.

Under normal conditions I might not have noticed the slight difference between how white me was treated compared to these other Canadians, but lately Finland and immigration have been making big news headlines.

The main story that’s been clogging up my Facebook feed is about this group of Iraqis who were trying to immigrate and when they arrived in Finland they claim to have found a “barren hellscape, suitable only for simulating the conditions astronauts would need to train to survive on Mars”. According to the article a bunch of them left the country to try their luck in Sweden.

It was their description of Finland caught my attention. Had things really changed that much in the twenty-eight months since my last visit? Well, as an official, self-accredited journalist it is my duty, neigh, my responsibility, to investigate their claims and report back what I find. My plan is to look around, take some pictures, and conduct some interviews at the pub tonight.

More to follow.

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