4. Finland

1 Oct

I do have to say it is nice to visit a place where the natives use as few words as possible when trying to communicate. The English speaking peoples are always filling their sentences with unnecessary adverbs, superfluous adjectives, and redundant examples.

The old saying that “less is more” has never been so true as it is here in Finland. Before I visited Helsinki back in 2011, I emailed the Vantaa Bauhaus (Finland’s answer to Home Depot) to ask about their toilets.

Can you tell me how much it would cost to purchase a wall toilet at your store? I do not need the part that goes behind the wall, just the part in front.

And the response I got:

Look page 21 enclosed Bauhaus Finland magazine.

Isn’t that just great? Seven words, zero prepositions, and I got the information I was looking for!


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