Hike Training and Upcoming Hikes

7 Aug

So this year for my annual excursion to Killarney Provincial Park I’ve found myself on two teams that are planning to do most or all of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail – (65 km – Team A) and (72.3 km – Team B). Team A’s attempt will be for four nights and five days from Sept 3 – 7 while Team B will be hiking from Sept 24 -30 (five nights and six days).

In preparation for these grueling hikes, a number of training hikes have been scheduled, the first of which happened yesterday and in the rush to get out the door I forgot my water bottle at Sarah’s (from where I was getting picked up).

Now for those of you who have never done anything ever, water is the most important part of life – without it we all die. So you can imagine the horror as I hiked around the Wolf Trail in the summer heat with no means of hydration and this photo series showed up in my iMessage!





I was shocked! And thirsty. Very thirsty. I’d spent the whole morning washing and filling that water bottle. Next time I will have to remember to bring extra liquids. Until then I will drink beer. See you at the next training session.




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