Day 1 of 4: Confused

9 Aug

Hello readers! I’m traveling again! This time it’s because Sarah and I are trying to escape the Olympic fever that has taken over great parts of our great country (Canada). Naturally, we decided to fly to another nation that takes sports less seriously than we do up north. On the agenda for this trip: New Orleans and the wonderful food that can be found there.

While Louisiana-style dishes include a wide range of tastes and flavours, I’m most looking forward to eating lots of spicy food.

As many people know, hot peppers are an essential component of many cajun recipes. But did many people also know that a hot, tropical environments is *not* required to grow them? I only learned this fun fact in the spring when I went to the Home Depot to purchase some plants for my new, non-tropical garden.

I’m not sure why I thought these plants needed a rainforest in which to grow. Did my mind make an association with the heat found inside the peppers with the heat experienced in their native climate? In retrospect it does not make a lot of sense. While both phenomena do make me uncomfortable and sweaty, the connection is tangential at best.

Anyway, because a blog post without an uploaded image is just another promotional tool for the WordPress company, here is a picture of the first pepper grown in my garden.


Don’t worry. I gave him a good home.


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