Day 2 of 4: New Orleans – A Balcony-based Economy

10 Aug

New Orleans is a interesting and hot place to visit and / or live. I know this because I am in the city right now. Day 2 belonged to Sarah – we decided on Day 1 to divide up the full days (Day 3 is all mine!)

This morning our self-guided walking tour revealed a most fascinating piece of trivia information. This house, the red one here in this photo – this is the house of the rising sun.


Strangely this was not part of the tour – while chatting with a local who was out walking his dog, he pointed across the street to the famous house from the famous song. Then I took the photo.

I was also surprised to discover that (due to budget cuts), the New Orleans PD has gotten rid of all their cars and converted to an equine-based policing system.


I think it was the correct decision and other city police services should follow suit.

Later in the afternoon it poured rain and I got two soakers.


And finally, I got to see under the streets, which is something I look forward to when visiting a new city.


From what I can tell it’s mostly dirt and some infrastructure.

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