Day 3 of 4: We Can Do It!

11 Aug

Today was my day, that is to say I was responsible for selecting and organizing all the day’s events. Plan A was visit Nicolas Cage’s tomb, but the weather did not cooperate so I had to revert to Plan B.

Like many travellers before us who have woken up to a light rain moistening their holiday, we decided to spend the day in the museums. And fortunately for us, New Orleans has the greatest museum known to man (and woman) – the National World War II Museum.

Originally I was thinking we’d skip this one, but Sarah insisted. It was very impressive but every time I visit one of these WW2 museums my mind wanders to thoughts of how I would have contributed to the war effort had I been nineteen in 1939. This time around the first jobs off the list were the usual ones (land, water, air).

Pilot? I’m afraid of heights.
Submarine Captain? I’m afraid of depths.
Infantry? Terrified of dying.
Merchant Marine? I’m a communist.
Navy? I’d rather join the infantry.

But as we explored this museum I discovered there were so many more jobs and professions hypothetical me wanted to avoid the 1930s.

Medic? I faint at the sight of needles.
Shift supervisor? I’m more a shift caller-in-late.
Clerk? I can’t type.
Machinist? I’m sensitive to loud noises.
Anti-war protester? The Barrett Light Fifty is pretty damn cool.

The whole things was kind of depressing. But luckily for me everything turned out ok at the end when I found the job I was born to show up late for: propagandist – where the greatest threat to my personal safety is an allergic reaction to the makeup they use to make me really really really really good looking.

IMG_8955 (1)

Watch out, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy! Or as Tom Hanks in the museum movie called them “Germany, Japan, and Fascist Italy”


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