Day 10 of ? – Brother can you spare an off-road vehicle?

11 Mar

One of the things I’ve learned in my travels is that often times people have things to do. It’s important to recognize this because there will be times when you want to meet up with someone and they won’t be able to. Related to that, I’ve also learned that it’s sometimes possible to combine “meeting up” with “things to do”. It’s a little something I like to call “running out of ideas for my blog”.

Surprisingly, the main obstacle I encounter when I employ this practice in the real world is that your average person considers many of their activities or “chores” unsuitable (or uninteresting) for a visitor from halfway around the world. The conventional thinking is that no one is going want to do yard work or repair a broken septic system in some far-off country while on their holiday.

But these are exactly the sorts of things I like to do when I travel. There are several reasons why this is:

1. I enjoy doing things.* Doing things is good.

2. I enjoy doing things with people. I do a lot of my renovations solo and it can be lonely sometimes.**

3. Heavy hands make light work. If you have more hands you effectively combine them together to make super hands and the work goes a lot faster. This is similar to the first rule of intelligence: two heads are bigger than one.

4. At the end of the day the requirement is to hang out. It’s totally possible to do that while raking leaves or shoveling snow.

So with all that in mind on Saturday I met up with my friend Anna (who’s looking to buy a car) and we drove up to Newcastle (2.5 hours) so she could look at the most ridiculous non-military vehicle ever created. Anna is shopping around for a truck to bring to Africa with her when she moves there in August so she needs a solid vehicle that can survive the harsh African climate.

It took us about six and a half hours in total and it was a lot of fun. I could probably write a few hundred pages about this truck but it’s almost nap time so here’s a single paragraph and a bunch of pictures.

The truck has four batteries, two radios, three aerials, two stereos, a fridge / freezer, 42 litre water reservoir, hot water shower system, extra cooling fans, air con, raised suspension, crazy floodlights, roll bars, side roll bars, snorkel system, solar panels, and – honest to God I’m not making this up – fins to lower wind resistance.

*caveat: if the “thing” is new it must adhere to my strict, one-new-thing-per-week policy.

**Unlike Rory B Bellows, the incessant beep of the global positioning system is *not* all the companionship I need.

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