Day 11 of ? – Sorry CBSA, but I *did* visit a farm on this trip

12 Mar

Following up on Saturday’s adventures, after we went to Newcastle Anna had to go check on her pony PJ who was slated to compete in a jumping and horse dancing race the following day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with all things German, it’s important to know that the German people love horses. And Anna, being from the north central southwest eastern part of Germany, is no different from her fellow countrymen and women. So when the opportunity presented itself she leased a horse from a horse leaser and now spends all her time and money caring for a beautiful and majestic sixteen year-old pony named PJ.

Here are some photos I took of PJ, the farm, and some other farm things. Oh, and Anna and PJ placed first in the jumping competition!

I’m paying $90 a year to be able to upload videos – so you guys have to click!


This farm also had lots of bees

and two beautiful dogs! (Obi and Teddy)


And on the way home we drove over the giant bridge.


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