Day 12 of ? – I believe it was a boking accident.

13 Mar

So I think it’s time I showed you guys what the boat looks like. In one of my previous posts I used some words to describe One White Tree but I don’t think I’ve included any photos. Words are good for some things but most times people are lazy (I know I am) and just want to look at the pictures (like I do).

Boat View

The view from the bort bow.

Boat Far

One White Tree from afar

Boat Bottom

The underside or “bottom” of the boat – this is probably the single most important part of any sea-going vessel – if you have no bottom, there can be no boat.

Boat Side

The sides of the boat are almost as important as the bottom. The sides are actually what makes a boat a boat (a sideless boat is called a raft)

Boat Keel

The keel is an essential part of any boat – helps with stability.


One White Tree’s anchor, while beautiful, would not make a very nice tattoo.

Boat Front

Here’s another picture but from the front – note the expertly cleaned hull – barnicle free!


This should give you an idea of the mass of OWT. She’s pretty big.

So there you have it. The lower outside of recreational sailing vessel One White Tree. I’ll write another time about the upper outside, the lower inside, and then finally, the toilets.

So stay tuned to for more exciting boating action!

2 Responses to “Day 12 of ? – I believe it was a boking accident.”

  1. John April 5, 2018 at 15:27 #

    I want to see the toilet

  2. Die Hard Three April 5, 2018 at 15:59 #

    Which one? Boat or Berlin?

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