6/40-1 Travel Day Number Two!

12 Nov

Today we’re off on the second leg of our epic voyage. Where could we be going next? To what country and / or city? Which mode of transportation will we take to there? Which airport will we fly out of?

So many mysterious, unanswered questions.

And I, for one, believe this is a healthy thing. Having some mystery I mean. If our lives were devoid of mystery they’d be pretty boring. It’s why as a species we are so fascinated by the outcomes of events – it keeps things interesting. With things like sporting events and political elections and awards season it’s pretty straightforward. You just follow the thing beforehand and then you watch the thing when it happens and then it’s done.

But with international travel it’s really hard to set up a holiday without giving up the jig. The questions I had to answer and the DNA I had to provide for some of the visas would have been very difficult for someone who is not me to complete.

That said I’m very excited for this leg of our trip but I can’t help think I’d be more excited if someone had organized it *and* not told me where we’re going. As mysteries go, that’d be a pretty compelling one!


Number two!


2 Responses to “6/40-1 Travel Day Number Two!”

  1. Arthur Levitin November 12, 2018 at 15:39 #

    Thanks for Spain!! ________________________________

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