7/40-1 Where Do We Go Now

13 Nov

Apologies for the previous post – I teased you with the mystery of a new destination and then forgot to leave you any clues! So, here is your assignment. Call your boss tell him you won’t be in today – this is going to take a few minutes!


Clue this First: The place we are going is represented on maps that use the Mercator projection in an incredibly racist manner.

Clue the Second: the climate-related problems we encountered in Spain will have been the opposite of what we expect to experience in the new country.

Clue the Third: We are actually visiting more than one country.


Clue the Fourth: I will consider it a blessing if we encounter zero Tim Horton’s franchises.

I feel that’s enough for you to get started. Godspeed and remember, keep watching the stars!

2 Responses to “7/40-1 Where Do We Go Now”

  1. Arthur Levitin November 13, 2018 at 08:25 #

    My boss will fire me if I call in sick. ________________________________

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