8/40-1 TIA

14 Nov

Has anyone figured out Destination Number Two yet? Maybe my clues were too difficult. Maybe you’ve discovered Sarah’s IG where she’s posting instant travel updates AS THEY HAPPEN where at the same time it takes me two days to write up one of these blog posts.

“Stop living in the past, man!”

Sure thing. In fact that’s what I’m doing right now. For the first time ever I’m blogging to you from the mobile app on my phone which means I’m typing live!

All my other blogs have been typed up, created, “born” if you will, from the keyboard of my MacBook Air. But right now I can’t take out my computer because Sarah and I are waiting at the Lusaka intercity bus terminal for our intercity bus and it’s a bit chaotic right now.

There are people everywhere – passengers, vendors, drivers, guys selling snacks, phone chargers, mosquito repellent – pretty much anything you’d need for an eight-hour bus trip in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our coach leaves in two hours and we have some time to kill. So here are some photos for you to look at.

Here’s the terminal.

They have this one bus line is called Scorpion.

And if you think Scorpion is a cool name, you’re going to love this:

I’m thinking I should probably write up a detailed description of how to take the bus from Lusaka to [insert tourist destination] because all the information on the web right now is like, “the bus station is crazy, go there and take the bus.”

Not very helpful.

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