10/40-2 Zambia Visas (Not the Credit Card Company) for Canadians

21 Nov

TW: travel info post

To visit Zambia Canadians need a visa. They had several options. Single entry. Double entry. Multi entry. Kaza Visa.

We opted for the multi-entry because we would be entering the country three times – on first arrival, after visiting Zimbabwe (day trip), and after two nights safari in Botswana.

The Kaza visa $50 USD – exists to promote easy passage between Zimbabwe and Zambia – it’s valid in both countries. It also permits a day trip to Botswana. We couldn’t use this one because our visit to Botswana is longer than the maximum allowed duration.

So we ended up paying $80 USD for the Zambian multi-entry visa. This was all fine and good until we went to cross the border into Zimbabwe and they wanted to charge us $75 USD each for a Zimbabwe visa. All the other countries had to pay only $35 USD per person. It was starting to get a little expensive to spend six hours in a different country to simply look at the falls. $10 for the cab, $150 for the visas, $70 for the park entry fee.

Anyway, Sarah was able to convince the immigration officer to give us a Kaza visa for $50 US each which should cause some headaches anytime we cross back into Zambia because I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to have two visas for the same country valid at the same time.

Does anyone know why Zimbabwe singles out Canadians? It was really odd to see that list posted there on the wall of the immigration booth with Canada alone in it’s own special category of visitors.

It was all worth it though. The falls were spectacular.



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