11/40-1 The Animals…

22 Nov

Day eleven. It’s time for some Safari action!

After three nights in Livingstone we departed for a new country – Botswana and the famous Chobe National Park where we were staying for two nights in a high-end boutique safari lodge. It was a 45-minute cab ride ($65 CDN) to the Kazungula Ferry. This ferry crossing is interesting because it’s (maybe?) the only place in the world where four countries meet at a single point (China, Kazakstan, Russia and Mongolia have a similar thing going on but I think China and Kazakstan don’t actually touch each other.)

They’re building a bridge where the ferry is now.


I asked our boat driver if we could go to that point of four countries so I could make a funny joke for Steve, but he said we didn’t have enough time. 😦


So when we got there we had lunch, checked in, and headed out on our first safari – the boat ride! I think this might have been my favourite. Check out these photos! We saw a giraffe, a hippo, a monorail lizard, a crocodile, and a water buffalo.

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn for our first driving safari. On this one we saw two lions (they’re the tigers of Africa) and some elephants and some sort of dog-like creature. Also zebras and one other animal I can’t remember right now. Maybe a gazelle or a Chevy Impala.

Note: Sarah and I were capturing all these memories with our shitty iPhone cameras so you’ll have to forgive us for the general shittiness of the photos and/or videos.

Some elephants. I sneezed real loud and scared them all away.

The best part of a satire-jokery-style blog is you can say the embarrassing things you did and your readers will think you’re just making a funny joke!

In the afternoon we relaxed at the resort before heading off to the evening safari where we had a little adventure. One of the other safari cars from a different resort got stuck in the sand and as strict adherents to the Safari Guide Code (leave no safari guide behind) we stopped and helped them get unstuck.

The pulling didn’t work so a bunch of us just lifted the car out. We also saw a massive herd of water buffalo.

And the next day we left for the quick journey back to Lusaka. I mean the bus ride down was about eight hours, how long could it take to go the same distance on the train? Probably about the same amount of time. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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