15/40-1 Day of Travel

23 Nov

I was really keen on visiting Ethiopia on this trip however things got messed up. Our original plan involved a 0200 flight from Lusaka to Addis Ababa for a 0700 arrival. Our connection to our next non-stopover destination was to leave at 2300 giving us sixteen hours to explore Addis.

So, what happened? Well, Sarah got an email three days ago from Aeroplan telling us our 0200 non-stop direct flight had been cancelled and replaced with a flight leaving twelve hours later and routed through Harare Zimbabwe (it was a direct fight but it was a non-non-stop one – it had one stop – but we didn’t have to get off the plane).

Our sixteen hours in Addis proper was now three hours at the airport. On the plus side, we did get to spend an extra night at our Lusaka resort home. That was nice.



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