17/40-1 New Country Number Seven (or More Accurately Number Five)

23 Nov

I forgot to mention that while we didn’t actually get to do doughnuts in our boat around the four corners (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe) on our river safari, we did venture into Namibian costal waters for a few seconds (I asked our guide Max* and he obliged). I also forgot to mention that while we were on our land safari, I did this a lot.


And speaking of international borders, the bridge at the Falls was half in Zambia and half in Zimbabwe. So I also did this.

So if you include Namibia and Ethiopia (which I don’t) today we landed in a new country (number seven for this trip).

Where are we? Well, here’s a clue. It’s hot. And this place has both Uber *and* Netflix. And we can’t drink the water. Under penalty of praying for death. And the food is really good. We had lunch a few hours ago.

The reveal will come… tomorrow!

*I should really give a shout-out to our guide Max. He really made our Safaris something special. He found the lions when all the others drove right by. He kept us out on the water longest – we were the last boat in for the night. And he was super-knowledgable about all the birds and walking animals in the park.

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