18/40-2 Elephant Island or No-Elephant Non-Island?

25 Nov

In the midst of all our driving around we did some sight-seeing on our one full day in Mumbai. There is lots to see here and I recommend everyone visit at least twice.

The absolute first thing you have to do is visit Elephant Island. It’s an amazing place but I have to warn you, the name is a bit of a misnomer – Elephant Island is actually a peninsula… that’s been also overrun by monkeys. There are no elephants anywhere.


You have to take a ferry to get there at a cost of TWO locomotive cards and you get to see lots of cool things out there in the bay. My favourite was this massive oil tanker. I know we have to get off the fossil fuels, but gd this thing is awesome! Look at the size of it! And I think she’s almost empty (she’s riding pretty high in the water).


So on the island there are a bunch of caves that were carved out of the walls by some ancient people.

It’s pretty remarkable because the island is pretty remote (was about an hour boat ride) and the caves and the sculptures are pretty big. It would have taken a lot of human power to carve everything out.

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