18/40-3 Some Other Stuff in Mumbai

25 Nov

I have a feeling that these are standard spots to visits here in Mumbai. We went to a place where they do laundry by hand. That was pretty interesting to see. I asked our driver/guide what they do when it rains and I didn’t really understand his response. Was something about using heaters, but I couldn’t figure out where they would dry these clothes – there’s no way they could all fit inside. And using heaters would increase the cost immensely!

We also visited the Mumbai home of Mahatmah Ghandi. I really should pick up a book on this guy – if anyone has any recommendations, please leave them in the comments. He lived an amazing life and defeated an empire by adhering to some pretty counterintuitive principals (his advocating for non-violence).

And finally we went to a Jain religious temple where they had some interesting rules of admission and/or conduct. Man, the world is a wacky place.

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