18/40-4 I Umm… I Screwed Up. Bad.

25 Nov

I think I was involved in some sort of time-travel event this week. Look at the photo I took yesterday of this dog.


Based on my calculation we have about three days before the old timeline is completely gone. This gives me 72 hours to solve this mystery and save my life (also Neo’s life).

Yes. You heard me. Save. My life. Also, the dog is named Neo (if that wasn’t clear). He’s a good boy.

See after I noticed the picture of Neo, I was going through my phone I found this other photo (that I can’t upload for some reason) that I took at the same time as the Neo one and in it my feet have disappeared (I guess because in it I’m doing a handstand?).

Is this evidence that the future is being changed and we’re living now in the past? I don’t know, but what I do know is that my non-photo feet are still here and none of this slowly-disappearing-bodies-in-the-photo thing makes any sense once you think about it for more than five seconds.

Sarah appears unaffected at this time. I will keep you posted.

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