21/40-1 Duckie

28 Nov

Sarah and just I spent a mostly relaxing two days in Goa India at a place that is not Goa but is actually Agonda.

Back in 1978 when my uncle visited in his VW van that he drove down from Amsterdam, Goa was a resort town for hippies where they could go and drink beer for cheap. Then like all good things the corporations moved in and built many hotels and many waterparks.

Because most of our Spring Breaks! are now behind us, Sarah and I were more keen to visit the Goa of Olde, the one the hippies used to go to. So Sarah figured out that we could just go a little further south where the corporations had yet to take over. We ended up in a place called Agonda Beach at a resort called The Duck N Chill.

Now the most remarkable thing about this beach was the dogs. There were lots of strays and (while I was expecting this) I thought it would make me sad. But most of the dogs look pretty well fed. I imagine that there’s a lot of leftover food in a resort town geared towards westerners – we’re so wasteful. And also Indian people seem to be very kind to animals (in general).

Last night around 02:30 one of the beach dogs started barking, and wouldn’t stop. After about an hour of trying to go back to sleep, I went out to see what the hubbub was about (beachfront is nice but all night you get the crashing of the waves and, apparently, the barking of the dogs). Nothing was wrong (Timmy was fine) and bunch of the dogs came over to greet me, wagging their tails. I asked them to quiet down and they actually did. As I returned to bed I felt good, like the dog whisperer must feel, when he’s ready to sleep.

There was this one good girl who would come around our resort all the time – the people who worked there said one of the guests named her Duckie. She reminded me of someone from back home. She’s a good girl.



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