22/40-1 Sonobuoys

28 Nov

Tomorrow is another travel day and we have an early flight so we decided to get a hotel close to the airport for the night. Sarah found this one online and she must have been thinking about me when she chose it because it’s located about a hundred metres from the Indian Naval Aviation Museum.

I think I can honestly say I’ve never been in a museum this interesting. What’s cool about it is that it’s not generic to the army or navy or air force, but it’s focused on a specific aspect of warfare (naval aviation, basically doing army stuff but over water).

They had a tonne of great anti-submarine warfare (ASW) stuff and my favourite would have to have been this RGB-48 sonobuoy – the type that would have been used when the Red October was detected while navigating Red Route One. I’d never seen one before. Very cool.


Also tonight, instead of dogs barking we have the actual sounds of actual fighter jets actually taking off and landing. They are doing this literally a hundred feet from our room, three or four sorties per hour – the Naval Aviation Museum happens to be right next to an actual, operational naval aviation military base: INS Hansa, Goa – the home of Indian naval air squadron NAS 551.

Also some dogs are barking now.

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