37/40-4 Travel Day – Second-Last One

14 Dec

So this is it – we’re heading home. Sort of. We left Hanoi a few hours ago and we are now on an eight-hour layover in Taipei. I was hoping we could pop out of the airport for a couple hours and grab something to eat so I could add a new country to my list but then two things happened.

First, I realized I’ve already been to Taiwan because according to China this is China and I visited China back in 2008*. Second Sarah scored us TWO all-you-can-eat passes to the Luxury Lounge at the airport. And this is where we are now. Eating free food and drinking free beers.

Originally I wanted this “vacation” to be longer. I said, Sarah, we should go for seven weeks or even EIGHT weeks. And Sarah was like, nah, under six weeks is more than enough. And then I was like seven! And then we booked five and four fifths weeks of travel and I forgot about it until just now when I was like – holy crap, I wanted this thing to go longer!? What the hell was I thinking?!!

We now fly to Vancouver. Canada is going to be so strange after being away for so long. I wonder if the Vancouver airport international terminal has a McDonald’s restaurant…


*also right now China is arresting Canadians left right and centre so I need to be as pro-China as I possibly can. I do NOT want to spend the rest of Peanut and Pepper’s birthday in a Chinese prison. All hail glorious China!

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