37/40-5 Currencies

14 Dec

One of the most annoying features of non-EU multi-country travel is having to deal with different currencies. It’s annoying. Exchange rates and withdraw fees and finding banking machines that actually work and don’t dispense bills that are too large to be accepted by the locals and aren’t modified to skim your PI Number and extra bills left over when you leave the country.

But on top of that there’s been some good comedy to be found with the various currencies we’ve encountered on this journey. I already made a funny about the Zambia money – Kwachas totally sounds like Quatloos (joke reprinted here for your reading convenience)


I’m going to bring some Zimbabwe money to the next poker game and watch the looks on Steve’s and Mark’s faces when I buy in for several thousands year’s worth of games.

You guys are going…. down!


And finally there’s the money in Vietnam. Comedy gold.


We were always running out of dongs. The Vietnam money is the dong.

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