26 Oct

The Next Morning: Part 2

On Wednesday we woke up after a wonderful night’s sleep and the first thing we did was check in the tree. Well that was the second thing, the real first thing we did was we noticed some fresh porcupine poops on the patio. And sure enough there she was, twenty feet (six metres) off the deck. Just sitting there.

I naturally assumed I was a porcupine expert but I realized I hardly knew anything about the creatures. In twenty-four hours I discovered that they can climb (and live in) trees, they’re huge, they’re herbivores, they’re only active at night, they’re not very fast, and they sport a good set of claws and they will return to their favourite tree on the second night.

And all of that had got me thinking: maybe there are other subjects that I’m not an expert on. I mean, is that even possible? I’m an expert on knowledge so… probably not.

What happened next?

I decided I should gently relocate our new friend to a different tree (you know, with the raining poops and all). How did I do this? Well, that is the subject of another, future blog post.

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