27 Oct

Design Time!

I decided to use my new porcupine expertise to devise a system to help keep the deck (porcupine) poop-free. Here’s what I came up with – make it so that when Bernadette returns from wherever it is she goes at night she has climb up a different tree that’s only a few feet away.

Here’s what I was thinking – the best way to keep her out of the tree is to prevent her from climbing it. There are two traditional ways one does this.

The first is to create a “baffle” that’s like an umbrella where the tree trunk is the umbrella handle. The rodent climbs up and when they encounter the baffle they have to turn around.

The second is to wrap part of the tree trunk with a “sleeve” made from a material that makes it hard to climb. Bernadette’s claws easily grip the rough bark of the tree. She wouldn’t be able to climb a smooth-surfaced tree.

Which one should I do?

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