27 Oct

Very rare!

The vast majority of decisions in life are simple binary provisions – Option A or Option B. Do we get a dog or a cat? Do we go see the new Marvel movie or do we watch an older Marvel on streaming? Wake up or go back to bed?

Regarding Operation Make Porcupine Go Away Now, with options Baffle and Sleeve firmly in the toilet, it was time to start thinking outside the cottage. So I went down to the dock to do some ideaing and after a few hours the best I could come up with was to wake up BEFORE Bernadette returns home from whatever it is she does at night (no judgement!)

The new option I came up with was: to be sitting and waiting for her at the base of the tree with a disapproving look on my face. When she came home in the morning, she’d see me and move to another tree (porcupines are non-confrontational creatures).

But there were a few problems. The main one being I had no idea what time she comes home every day. So I could wake up at 4 AM and she could already be up in the tree. Also, what would prevent her from coming back the next day? I’d have to get up super early and sit outside in the rain for the remainder of my holiday? No thank you.

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