Porcupine Adventures: An Epilogue

30 Oct

The real final chapter

Last day at the cottage was on Wednesday but on Thursday I had to return to help take the dock out of the water.

My cousin and landlord (they’re the same person) were both SHOCKED at the sheer volume of the porcupine poop covering the deck. Which I found surprising because I provided her a GREAT amount of detail in my descriptions of the situation including photographic evidence and scientific analysis. It’s almost like she didn’t WANT to believe me.

Anyway my new camera phone arrived while I was at the cottage and my return to the cottage allowed me to use it to capture some proper images of Bernadette.

Also Bernadette is adorable.

I also got some GREAT video and I pay like a hundred bucks a year to WordPress so I can upload videos but when I tried they downgraded the video to 240P – I didn’t even know they went that low. Anyway, here’s a link to the video on Youtube.

and if you are curious, here is what the video looks like using the native WordPress upload.


EDIT: so when I looked at the published video, it seemed ok so that’s that.

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