Day 2 of 11 Part Deux – Someone should make a movie

30 Jun

Someone should make a movie about a guy who travels to a far-away land for his girlfriend’s grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary where he meets the majority of her immediate and extended family for the first time and ends up spending a few hours sitting naked with them in an eighty-degree Celsius heated room interrupted periodically by visits to the freezing cold lake.

It’s an action drama but for comedic relief every time the protagonist goes into the living room he hits his head on the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.


7 Responses to “Day 2 of 11 Part Deux – Someone should make a movie”

  1. Sandy at 15:02 #

    don’t believe it .. where’s the picture?

    • Die Hard Three at 15:48 #

      This is just an idea. Storyboards come later in the film making process.

  2. Masa at 10:57 #

    That series of an american son-in-law visiting in Scandinavia already exists.

    • Die Hard Three at 11:37 #

      Hey! They stole my idea!

    • Jeni Mali at 06:21 #

      I love that show! ❤ exept as a Finn I'm a bit confused how similar the Swedish are… We always tought that they are more cheerful and colourful and open and the sauna and depression and alcoholism are more our thing.


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    […] – but only with women. But then, after a couple days I remembered my experiences with the traditional Finnish getting-to-know-you custom (sitting naked in a super-heated room with the male members of your girlfriend’s immediate […]

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